Shipping Guidelines

Consider these guidelines when shipping items. If you have any questions or need help, contact us; we’ll be glad to help.

Bundled and Strapped Boxes

Only same-sized boxes may be strapped together for shipping. Use a minimum of four crisscrossed bands, two in each direction. Put address information on every box. When strapping packages, each box must be strong enough to hold the total weight of the strapped bundle.


Fabric and Wallpaper

Rolled goods travel best when shipped in corrugated boxes. If a fabric roll is shipped in a bag, make sure the bag is tightly wrapped and taped against the roll to reduce the risk of tearing. Place duplicate labels inside cores or between top layers of material.


Other Irregularly Shaped Items And Bare Metals

Completely tape down the address label. Do not use “flying tags.” Blunt all sharp or protruding edges with taped-on corrugated cardboard pieces. Protect the surface of the item as needed.



Apply a wide band of pressure-sensitive tape through the center and completely around the body of the tire so the tape is attached to itself. Attach your completed address label to the tape band where it covers the tread. Cover the label with clear tape.